Brunch at the Mad Hatter’s

This past Sunday I decided with my friends to follow the Southern tradition of brunch and we felt no better place to go than to the Mad Hatter’s Tea House located in just downtown in San Antonio. This artsy local spot has been raved about for years after celeb Rachel Ray visited a few years ago and fell in love with The Mad Hatter.

Now what I love most about The Mad Hatter is its concern for detail yet simplicity. Fresh made in house bread, pies and cakes. English muffins made from scratch. Homemade sauces and sides all made fresh with local ingredients and inventive flavors.

I ordered a brunch classic and one of my favorite dishes at The Mad Hatter: toast with strawberry butter.  Now this doesn’t sound like much but I promise you this is a small plate not to be missed.  In house strawberry jam is mixed with butter to add the perfect sweetness and texture to what is just a plain piece of toast.

Dishes that aren’t to be missed include their scrams filled with all kinds of veggies and unique flavors. Also their potato hash is a best seller: a savory combination of sweet and russet potatoes seasoned perfectly and griddled crispy.  Their tea sandwiches come in a variety of flavors and are the perfect small plate and great to share with the whole family.

Now, what’s a tea house without tea? And the tea selection at The Mad Hatter’s is like no other. My personal favorites include the oolong tea and any of their blended varieties.  And the drinks don’t stop at tea. Sunday brunch offers a lovely opportunity for a delicious mimosa.

The Mad Hatter’s also provides a small grocery for locals. Milk, eggs, bread, and yogurt can be purchased for home consumption.  This is great for local foodies looking for a little extra freshness close to home.

The Mad Hatter’s is one of my favorite brunch spots in San Antonio, and my friends and family make a habit to visit here as often as possible. The lines can be long but it’s well worth the wait. It can be a little hectic and it does get crowded easily especially during brunch. But the patio outside is great when the weather’s nice. The service is always great and the owners are often around the restaurant and easy to talk to but the only thing you’ll want to say to them is praises. This place is a personal joy and one of San Antonio’s true hidden treasures. 


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