Feast-A Review

Feast is one of those places that caught me completely off guard and made me willing to change my perspective on dining in San Antonio forever. To think it all started with by accident. I had joined a friend out to celebrate my very first San Antonio First Friday and we stumbled upon a rather new building that we had never seen before despite our numerous treks downtown. We decided that after shopping we’d pop in, since we had already had a heavy dinner just a drink and dessert. We were wrong.
Feast is a modern hip spot downtown that anyone can enjoy, and we learned that as soon as we walked in. This was a beautiful restaurant and almost seemed out of place here in San Antonio, but I won’t complain.
Feast is situated perfectly in the King Williams District and is right at home with the artsy crowd of the area. The food at Feast was fresh, inspired and overall absolutely delicious. These were menu selections that I thought I could only find in the highest class restaurants of New York and here they were right in my own backyard.
Since we had already eaten we decided light plates. I ordered a butterleaf salad with a honey lavender vinaigrette and pink peppercorns. Each bite was succulent and delicious with and filled with me being able to clearly taste each and every single flavor possible in the dish, I tell you I have never been more excited for a salad in my entire life. The floral notes of the lavender and honey paired so well with the spicy notes of the peppercorns and the rich crisp taste of the lettuce.
For dessert I ordered a pot de crème, a luscious cream flavored with anise and cardamom. This was served with hand-fried churros and they provided the perfect crunchy partner to the rich cream. It was the perfect sweet compliment to what may be one of the best meals of my life.
The sweetest part about this meal? The price. For my salad and dessert I only paid around 12 dollars. Far less than I expected to pay for such a high class meal. And for the little more that I would pay for an entrée, the quality and skill that would be put into the meal would be far worth it as far as cost. I had never one felt such a strong regret for not coming to a certain restaurant first. Feast, you accomplished that. I was stuck in a blissful yet angry state of “Why didn’t we come here first?”
Feast is a place almost too good for San Antonio, with its modern hip vibe and daring inspired menu, it feels at odds sometimes a strip with local taco trucks and the theme restaurants I’ve come to know here in San Antonio, but this place changes everything. This is willing to make me stomach everything negative I’ve said about eating in San Antonio and better yet has given me something to look forward to. Most likely if you go to Feast you’ll see me there.

The Devils Hidden in the Details

“Curiosity is one of the permanent and certain characteristics of a vigorous intellect.” -Samuel Johnson

It started simply enough with a conversation on vampire mythos and rose symbolism between a close friend and I. I had reached out because when I came across this as a reference in a book I found the connection didn’t quite make sense to me. What do they have to do with each other? Why use that trope? I realized that there was a question that I didn’t know the answer to, I wanted to know more about. (and trust me, the journey on this particular thread was worth it.) It just seemed natural. 

I don’t know the answer.Let’s find the answer. I wonder who knows the answer?

The truth is, I don’t know everything. No one does. If you do, I’d love to be your friend. Just to be able to ask questions when they arise. When did Acedia and Tristitia become sin and not illness? What links the moon to various acts of lunacy? Why are rubber ducks yellow? Not to mention I assume you’ll be excellent at Trivial Pursuit. 

But as writer, if I’m going to write on something, I do my best to become a miniature expert in it. If a poem is going to be a piece on birds, I’m going to search the cultural and biological significance of each bird I mention. An essay on justice? Time to find a few case studies and have some historical examples lined up. It enriches the work. Knowledge enriches and informs our work. 

I don’t fancy myself a higher intellect than any other, really. I’m just vastly curious. Come on, vampires and roses?  Who doesn’t want to know more? And it’s not just when I’m writing, if there’s something I read or catch quickly I make a note and search more about it later. You never know when Jeopardy will finally call and all those years of studying Lapine come in handy. 

And research doesn’t have to be a solo project. I often find myself reaching out to friends, trusted elders, everyone and anyone I know if there’s a question I have and I can’t seem to find the answer. I probe the waters of my pond and see if I can fish the solution out myself. And even then, when I do have to research on my own, it’s riveting. Often times what begins as a simple line of research becomes towering volumes of amassed information. From roses, to secret society to Ancient Rome in just one research thread. And that’s how it should be; in a terrible but wonderful quest it should be nearly never-ending.

I think it is the rouge 90s kid in me that’s like this. None of us really accepted the world as it was, there was simply too much going on. The status quo was nothing. Our world changed so much and vast amounts of information became available to us at in compact formats. Suddenly, the world was at our fingertips, literally. And we used that power to learn. Dictionaries, encyclopedia, maps, language guides: a Ptolemaic library  of wonders. And as a generation, we ate it up. The curiosity childhood instills in us was fed and nurtured by  parents wanting more for their children, teachers who saw the potential of a generation and our peers who had the exact same hunger for information. We were all asking why.  And for once, we had answers. 

Curiosity is a beautiful thing. And it isn’t to be wasted. It’s like a terrible plague at times, waking up in the middle of the night to pen down a question that floated into my dreams. Catching myself on the bus and having to write on my hands or even my arm. Scrambling to save all of the interesting links and images I find in one day to better investigate them when I have time. It’s a beautiful hunger and one I plan to keep on feeding.