The Lessons I Learned From AnimeFest 2014

I learned a lot this year at AnimeFest. I’m by no means new to this world but this year taught me a few things that I will never forget and has inspired and reminded me that not only are we as cosplayers wonderful; we are supportive and when we put our minds to something we can move mountains or at least a very large Totoro plush. I have never been more in awe of the graces of humanity. So here’s what I learned:

  1. Cosplayers can and will dance for food and will do so fabulously.
  2. Swimming involves more than just flailing around and wiggling your butt in the water.
  3. Use the escalators while you can!
  4. Don’t forget to keep your phone charged.
  5. People will judge you when you walk up to a pastry counter with a basket full of pastries and you are proud to say “No,these are all for me.”
  6. Cosplayers stick together and take care of each other!
  7. Sometimes, your nicer shoes are far more comfortable than your gross shoes.
  8. There is nothing wrong with civilian clothes at convention.
  9. Always stick your pose.
  10. Eating edible paper feels unnatural.
  11. Taking a selfie with your favorite voice actor is cool, doing it twice with another beloved voice actor is just fantastic. Add 2 autographs to that and just accept the fangirl puddle and love every minute of it.
  12. When the guest of honor takes a picture of the crowd, pose!
  13. The Dropkix are the best band ever.
  14. The kiddie pool sometimes happens to be a hot tub.
  15. Swimming will leave you unexpectedly sore.
  16. Free breakfast is fabulous.
    But this is probably the most important lesson I learned this year is: when there is trouble and things get really really bad, a woman in a formal gown will step in, stop traffic and keep everyone safe and proved to be the most capable person in the entire convention.

I won’t forget being rushed out of the convention hall during an evacuation and running back in across the street in a hurried frenzy with my fellow con goers. I won’t forget the friends I made in line, the obscure references I made to those in costume and the ones I received on my costumes. I won’t forget taking pictures with some of my voice acting idols and them being honestly the coolest people ever. I won’t forget dancing for my lunch only to realize, I was actually just dancing for me. I won’t forget being pinned into my dress, or the fez I made from a flower pot. I won’t forget the runs in my tights, the blisters on my feet or the tears I shed as my bus drove past the Dallas skyline. The posters I got, the bows I made, the contacts shared I’ll remember them always. The pictures don’t describe half of what I experienced and felt. And I’ll treasure that always.


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