You’re Not in Dallas Anymore, Dolly.

“I love the intimacy of this city. Everyone and everything is so connected. It’s intoxicating. It makes you want to get involved and be a part of something big.” Dawn Neufeld attorney and co-host on KTXD The Broadcast said when asked about what she loved about Dallas.

I miss Dallas.

I am a proud DFW brat. I wear it on my sleeve. It’s of no surprise to anyone that I love Dallas-Ft. Worth, Arlington, Pantego and yes, even you, Grand Prairie and Dalworthington Gardens. I moved back to San Antonio now nearly a year ago and I’ve found the adjustment from the fast pace of Dallas has been slowed to a painful and exhausting halt.

San Antonio to me had become a cultural wasteland. There was nothing to do here. The only things I seemed to face were all of the things I exhausted during my college years. The same old museum exhibitions. The same shopping mall experiences. The same old dining experiences.

Honestly, why does anyone visit the Alamo anymore?

The streets are crowded with people who have no idea where they are going at a hopelessly slow pace I have seen pigeons outpace a man. Cars turning the wrong direction on Houston Street is the biggest jolt of excitement I can get in a day unless it’s the kind of negative thrill of seeing a bloodied homeless man or a panhandler yelling “I know what you did last summer.” after I refused to give into his plea. (Both occasions are true and happened just a few days ago. I wish I was kidding.)

So what does a Dallas-Ft.Worth bunny do when presented with Saint Anthony’s prize jewel?

She groans.

I cannot tell you the amount of complaining I’ve done since my move to San Antonio.  Everything from the mindless tourist, to the obsessive panhandlers, to the pests. I have complained about it all. But I couldn’t just admit that I missed Dallas. I couldn’t just admit that I missed my mall, my local pest, my local panhandlers. It just wasn’t the same being in a different city.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m no newbie to San Antonio. I went to college here for 4 years and my family lived here for a time. San Antonio runs in the blood, but being a DFW brat was closer to my heart than being Puro San Antonio.

I was being very unfair to a city that has done nothing but welcome me. I was pining for the mistress after getting married.

What I didn’t realize is that San Antonio is a wonderful place…BUT you have to work about 1000 times harder to find the true hidden gems worth everyone’s time.  Trust me, I have my list of places that I can go to now and I’m finding more. (Though, I’m still taking recommendations. :3 )

So San Antonio, I’m sorry. I haven’t given you a fair chance. You took me back with such open arms. You understood that though the Dallas skyline outlines my heart, I can make room for another skyline. Please take me back. I’ll leave roses and chocolates on the Alamo. I’ll send teddy bears to Hemisfair Park. Share champagne with La Villita.

Take me back,  San Antonio.  I promise this time will be different.

Just don’t make me go on on the Riverwalk during the summer…


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