A Year in Review

Amazing how much a year can change a life. This year has been a wonderful example of that to me. Let’s take a look at how much has changed for me in just over a year.


January: I accepted a wonderful new position with an ad agency back in sunny San Antonio. It was a call that did in fact, literally changed my life. And now I get to be referred to as a specialist. Go, me.


February: Adjusting to the new life of a self-sufficient adult was hard, but I had a loving and supportive partner.  After months of being long-distance, we were able to spend Valentine’s together. It was lovely. Also my agency learned that I am a wizard when it comes to making pancakes.


March: After the bliss of February, my partner and I broke up. I honestly thought I’d never be whole again.


April: April was a blur of tears and self-reliance.


May: Finally deciding to buck up, I moved on. Starting dating again. That was good and bad. This also marked the first of many lovely changes in role at my job. I am now proficient in banner ad sizing.


June: After making the plan to visit AnimeFest I decided on cosplay again. I sewed my heart back together with thread and craft glue.


July: More cosplay. More felt. More paint. It was a fantastic whirl. Oh, and my birthday. Which was pretty awesome. I started to learn exactly who my real adult friends were (not to sound passive-aggressive).


August: I went to AnimeFest with one of my best friends. We have a great time. If you don’t believe me, check out the blog post about it. I learned so much about myself, my city and me as a cosplayer and person. It was great.


September: I got to travel for business for the first time. Houston, I’m sorry. I still do not like you much. But, the trip was great and I got to learn a lot while starting a new chapter in my professional development.


October: I celebrated my mother and father’s birthdays. You can read about that here. I also get to love Halloween and spend more time in costume than usual. I begin work on costumes for a winter convention and start one of my more ambitious builds. My apartment won’t ever recover from all of the sepia.


November: I learned that Thanksgiving is only worth exactly how much fun you have with your best friend and your family during it. I also learn that home is a very very interesting word. Home is where the WiFi connects first.


December: It hasn’t ended yet! Good heavens, I feel so bad for December as a month, having to wrap up so early. I look forward to Christmas and New Year’s and I hope to see all of you fair readership in it.


At the risk of sounding cliche: I’ve changed a lot in a year. Hair has been shorter and longer. I’ve picked up a taste for gin. I’ve gained confidence as a cosplayer and writer. I’ve made huge strides in my professional development. Really, it’ been amazing. Sometimes, when we change we forget what matters most and that is who we are. The meat of the person. And while the outside may be a little different, the inside remains.


I was able to find my voice at my agency and they have learned a lot about me. From the bowing to the trivia, I’ve really opened up and it’s been wonderful. I really do love my job. No joke.


There’s a lot I’m leaving out but just because there’s just so much. This blog has actually been a great record of all of my changes as well as my social media accounts.
If you don’t already follow me on Twitter…now’s a good time. @RawrAmandaRawr


Thank you for all of the support over what has really been a whirlwind year full of felt, heartbreak, healing and lots and lots of baking.


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I'm just your everyday human person with a keen eye for what's really happening. Be prepared for wit, humor and Dr. Who references. Loves include anime, writing, eating sweets, art and visits to the park to feed the ducks.

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