Thoughts and Musings from a Concert: Fitz and the Tantrums


Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness. Maya AngelouRead more at- tickets. She got me concert tickets. I was so surprised when Amber said “Hey, July 24th…can you just X that day out? It’s for your birthday.” (which is by the way an awful thing to tell someone who is Type A and hates surprises). She told me later on that we’d be seeing Fitz and the Tantrums. I love this band and seriously if this is your first time hearing about them I’ll wait a minute for you to find out what you’ve been missing. I can’t think of the last concert I went to (well, that is if you don’t count the Night Vale show). So I was excited to go to a concert. Here are some of the thoughts I had before, during and after the show.

  • The drive to Austin isn’t very long. I’m always surprised by how long and short the drive is simultaneously.
  • 1776 is way better than Hamilton.
    • Unpopular opinions forever.
  • Always stop at Bucee’s.
    • Like seriously. Just do it. One of the best bathrooms ever.
  • An 8 year old saying the word “noob” like physically hurt me. What corner of reddit did you learn that from, kid?
  • Also, as much as I love Pokemon Go…people, live in real life. It’s a game. Put it down.
    • That being said: Team Mystic forever.
  • Don’t park under the tree that is supported by poles.
  • Midget wrestling is still apparently a thing.
  • If you end up seeing a line 2 hours before the doors open: go ahead and get in that line.
  • Apparently some venues separate lines out male and female because that’s a thing.
  • Grapefruit vodka and Sprite is my new official summer drink.
  • By the time the opener had started I was already in so much pain.
    • I am out of shape, guys. I don’t belong on my feet for hours.
  • It was also hot as hell out there. C’mon. Texas. July. Show just before sunset?
  • Concerts are not short people approved. Seriously, guys.
  • Also, I’m over standing for concerts. I’m old, guys. Chairs are awesome. Chairs.
  • Apparently you can shake a tambourine so hard that you can break it: the opening act did so.
    • She then proceeded to throw the shattered remains of the percussion instrument into the audience which cannot be safe. That has to be a hazard.
  • The lag between opener and the main act was almost insufferable. It was hot. It was humid. I was sweating in places I didn’t think I could sweat in. There were bats.
  • There was an insurmountable amount of bodies. So many people. I was not expecting how many people would turn up.
    • I’m still sorta in the camp that I believe most of the stuff I do/watch/listen to are kinda underground and hipster (also like me feelings during Night Vale) so I was very surprised to see how many people who were there to see a band that I also loved.

I had a rough time at this concert. I felt that my complaining was insufferable. Amber’s so gracious and she always worries about me. Between my flat feet and asthma, really it’s a surprise I function sometimes yet alone am a panelist and cosplayer. I struggled with being on my phone to quell boredom, capture the moment but still somehow in it all be present. Be in attendance. I spent the evening covered in sweat and sore but that all changed as soon as Out of My League started. I put my heart up proudly and I danced like no one was watching. All the pain seemed to go away during that song and then quickly returned after they finished and move on to some of their newer stuff.

I had an amazing time. I danced. I sang. I laughed. I got emotional. I sweat. I whined. I realized that I am an old woman in a somewhat young lady’s body. I rejoiced when we hit traffic and I got to sit down and be off my feet. I had never been happier for a shower. I embraced my hoarse voice. I had an amazing time. I’m so glad I got to go to this show.

Now if you all will excuse me, my feet still hurt and I’d like to continue resting a little.


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