A-Kon 29 Cosplay Announcement!

A-Kon 29 Cosplay Announcement!.jpg


I’ve for sure kept everyone waiting long enough! This year at A-Kon I’ll be doing Tony Stark, a redo of PomPomPurin and bringing back Bak Chang because I love being The Great Golden Director. And that cape? Oh, that’s a secret project. If you ask nicely, I may be willing to share more about it.

I haven’t quite figured out which day will go to which character but I’ll figure that out once I get there and establish how oppressive the heat and humidity is.


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I'm just your everyday human person with a keen eye for what's really happening. Be prepared for wit, humor and Dr. Who references. Loves include anime, writing, eating sweets, art and visits to the park to feed the ducks.

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