Surviving Canceling- Art From Madness

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I'm just your everyday human person with a keen eye for what's really happening. Be prepared for wit, humor and Dr. Who references. Loves include anime, writing, eating sweets, art and visits to the park to feed the ducks.

9 thoughts on “Surviving Canceling- Art From Madness”

    1. Thank you. I do plan to keep blogging and I’ll always be designing haha. But now there is a sad but relieved part of me that is glad to just be done. Sophie is never going to be the person that will let this end so I have to once more be the bigger person and end it myself. She sees herself as a victim and instead of understanding that both of us are suffering, rather focus on her own pain. I’m glad I was in a place that I could take some of my pain and make something beautiful out of it.

  1. Amanda yes keep blogging but with respect you are mentioning the other person on your video ,and pod cast , Facebook page . That was not a nice podcast either . Guinea pigs are Rats , but you liked their guinea pigs YES . From what I seen the other person is a beautiful person, I’m sure you are too . But your podcast let you down . Everyone has issues in life . But I believe the other person moved on way before you did your video ,podcast . Ok you had to tell people or did you . But if it was me I would handle it Differantly . And not said anything at all you made peace with yourself ,that should be enough . And remember weather we are famous or not a hero , we are still human ,no one is prefect

    1. Hi there, Josie. I hear you and get where you’re coming from. For context, a lot of that was played up for humor for the show and was exaggerated. Yes, I know they’re not rats and I do still quite like them but also I was incredibly frustrated and angry with the situation. I don’t think that absolves me, not at all, you are correct. I am not perfect and I never wanted to be perfect or come out of this making it sound like I haven’t made any mistakes or did things entirely correct. I respect your opinion and your time taken out to comment and do appreciate the sentiment behind your words.

  2. There is s a page called Against bullying of rescues and sanctuaries been set up on face book targeting again masons cavies . why do they do it what do they think they will achieve

    1. I see that set up a rose taylor and skye turnbill is also harrasing sophie too sophie blocked her skye said oh dear blocking me wont work sophie i am much closer to home . i told her to report to the police .Whereever the masons are these two pop up why cant they just leave them alone . They are their pets sharing with the world their love

      1. we know its not you Amanda do not worry we just cant believe the other people but i guess this is not the place to keep commenting .

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