Surviving Canceling- The End

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19 thoughts on “Surviving Canceling- The End”

  1. just move on why the video , seriously just to have another pop at masons cavies . if you were not you would not have posted it explaining the end lol . what drama on this forum

    1. Thank you for your comment. Why another video? I think that’s a good question. Likely closure though you may not see it that way. But I do respect your opinion.

      1. Carole Willis , This was my thoughts too .if they really moved on take the whole lot down on masons cavies , why keep it all up . The past is the past . Closure should be just that . The other party moved on long ago .

      2. Hi there. I’ve mostly kept the posts up because, well, I want to. It’s only comments like this that bring me back. Sophie hasn’t deleted any of her posts about me, so I don’t see the need to do so either. You may disagree and I do respect that but that is some of my rationale. 🙂

  2. Maybe both grow up then its so childish . You just said it sophie has not deleted any of her posts about you its like she said , you said . Grown women do not act like this . And yes you came back but you reposted it so what did you expect .And if sophie has kept her posts up then again it just carries on time to both move on and stop the drama .

    1. I have a question: what do you want me to do stop then. I have said that I turned the comments off and people did what I expected, which is just find another place to comment. Are you asking that I delete all my posts? Are you asking that I just remain quiet as people continue to comment and call me outside of my name and boss me around on my own website? How would you like for me to proceed?

      1. ,I never said to delete all your posts did I .I said the long draining masons caviies blog . You said what you said , You said you are the bigger better person so hmm . And you are obviously watching Sophie or you would not make that comment about her not deleting her posts . Sorry but it does sound childish . And if you keep comments open yes you may get replies risk you take I guess .But you said I am moving on didn’t you . Clearly no parties have . You did turn off comments why reopen them ?. Just asking if you moved on from it

      2. To be clear, I did close the comments on that post. What is referenced in the video was something that had happened in the past. If you go to that post now, the comments are closed and will stay there. Also no, I don’t know what Sophie’s doing right now. I haven’t kept up with her. When I said she hadn’t deleted any of her posts about me, it was just knowledge I had. I promise you I am not regularly checking in with her.

      3. And I have never said it isn’t childish. I think it is, I absolutely think it’s childish that I posted an opinion piece and she found it and had no issues sharing it to her galvanized fans. But that’s what happened and that’s where we are. In that process, I have called out of my name, threatened, sank into a miserable depression and have had every moment on a site I pay for scrutinized.

  3. It’s a real shame isn’t it Michelle Smith ,but this lady has a right to post just like Mrs mason has . But where does it end keep posting about eachother . Both parties open for comments so no one wins or is better or bigger person . I would leave them to it . Maybe it will sort it selve out one day . Live for today not in the past .

    1. I’m not entirely sure what sort itself out even means at this stage. Every step I’ve tried to make short of active censorship (i.e. deleting the posts) has still somehow managed to draw ire towards me while from what I can see Sophie gets to throw my blog links around without anyone really questioning her.

      1. Amanda But with respect you did say if you get any come back from the masons , So thats inviting it all in . and i believe marie means that maybe it will sort it self out one day calm down . As for sophie blogs that was how she felt at the time just like you . Why call her guinea pigs rats i heard your podcast it was disguising talk . Sophie does get hate mail from people a SKYE TURNBILL . latest one propably fake name under someone else whos had it in for the masons .Sad life these people lead .

      2. Hi Amanda , maybe turn off comments here on masons cavies as more people are getting on here , yes your website keep your posts up of course, yes still the masons cavies one . But just to stop people its not nice not your fault, but i think it be best that just my personal view on it . You got a nice website this will just spoilt it hope you do not mind me saying this to you i mean no harm to you in what i am saying .

      3. I respect your opinion. I have mulled that over but honestly, it does still make me feel uncomfortable that I had to do that at all in the first place. But I have certainly considered it.

  4. Susie brooks Tom here , Yes i seen not nice comments also about masons cavies on recent threads on facebook like from Syke Turnbull , I believe a Peter Hands also commented on it on a thread that was about mason cavies it shows they just trolling . Calling them hoarders , no they love guinea pigs its that simple and the living space is more than enough if not more with platforms to stretch their legs . I seen terrible conditions of guinea pigs and the masons cavies, are not doing that yes they rescued some to but never claimed to be a rescue . I believe Syke is a fake profile a couple of posts , no friends only talks about masons cavies .

  5. Once again the evil “people”, Masons cavies have re-started the same old hate campaign as Sophie has basically been told by thr police nothing that has been ,”said” to her is a direct threat or bullying and therefore not a police matter.

    Honestly it seems like she needs to stop re opening old wounds. I’m not involved with either parties but just wish she’d name and shame so a) can proceed it’s even happening snd not made up and b) the other parties might just back down next time sophie has a midlife crisis and drags it all up again.

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