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I took another major plunge! I made a Ko-Fi!

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AichiYume’s Facebook Page!

I finally did it. I finally made a Facebook page! This page will act as a central hub for panel videos, costume progress, costume work and more!

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A-Kon 29 Cosplay Announcement!

A-Kon 29 Cosplay Announcement!.jpg


I’ve for sure kept everyone waiting long enough! This year at A-Kon I’ll be doing Tony Stark, a redo of PomPomPurin and bringing back Bak Chang because I love being The Great Golden Director. And that cape? Oh, that’s a secret project. If you ask nicely, I may be willing to share more about it.

I haven’t quite figured out which day will go to which character but I’ll figure that out once I get there and establish how oppressive the heat and humidity is.

Amanda.Actually: Panelist Most of the Time

Hello, readers! As many of you know, I’m a panelist, cosplayer and general fangirl. It’s convention season for me and I wanted to ask you: my friends, readers and those that are generally made of awesome a simple question.

AichiYume Needs Your Help (1)


Topics I’ve covered in the past include: Fandoms 101, Character Development, Men’s Roles in Anime and Convention Etiquette. The writing ones are a huge hit and I’m lucky enough to be a seasoned fangirl so I can talk to a few topics.

Here’s a picture of my panel crowd from Character Development at A-Kon 27 ( I apologize for the crappy pic but this wasn’t even all the crowd, the room ended up filling out by the time I was finished with my panel).



And here’s another picture from MizuumiCon to another fairly packed house where I presented my Fandoms 101 panel for the first time!


At this stage of asking about topics there are no wrong answers so don’t hold back. I’m very open to suggestions.

What topics would you love to see in a panel run by the tiny awesome me?

I look forward to your submissions in the comments below or on any of my social media channels that are linked to this humble little blog.

Thanks for reading as always and thank you for continuing to inspire me to be a better writer, panelist and person.