200 Posts Later

200 Posts Later.jpg

I think I’ve told the story of how this little blog came to be years ago. I set this up because I had to as a class assignment and then it came to benefit me as I continued on in my career as a writer, social media manager and person who generally had opinions too big for my own brain. The blog was a great way for me to connect with my friends after I moved to start my career and it became a way for me to write creatively despite my day job of writing professionally for clients almost daily.

So today. After 200 posts, I wanted to take a moment to say thank you. I’ve been saying that a lot over here on the blog but it’s all been merited. I’ve hit highs I never expected, I’ve gotten some very insightful comments and I’ve even been challenged and I do love to be challenged.

Thank you all for being here as I make this blog into something truly spectacular.

In the meantime, a little while ago: I ran an AMA. I would love to take this time to answer a few more questions. If you ever want to discover more about me, my writing process or anything else: now’s a great time!

Once, again. Thank you. Thank you as I finish up 200 posts and I hope the rest of the content is worthy of the audience I have been so fortunate to build.