5 Years Later

5 Years Later....png

In 2013, I posted a blog post. I had redone an old WordPress blog that I had started with a friend and took it over as just my own. After that I just sort of ran with it. Those early blog posts were hot garbage and well, to be honest, I wish I could go back and redo them.

In 2014, my life radically changed and my humble little blog followed me through the changes in my life.

2015 was a rollercoaster.

2016 I hit my stride and went on another rollercoaster ride.

2017 was a hell of a dumpster fire.

And now, we are here. 2018. We’re still here. I’m still here. We are still here together.

Thank you all for being here. Thank you for helping me find my voice. Thank you for giving me a platform to share my thoughts, opinions and more. Thank you for challenging me and making me rethink old views.

Thank you.

I’ll continue to post more things that start more conversations. I’ll keep on writing.




200 Posts Later

200 Posts Later.jpg

I think I’ve told the story of how this little blog came to be years ago. I set this up because I had to as a class assignment and then it came to benefit me as I continued on in my career as a writer, social media manager and person who generally had opinions too big for my own brain. The blog was a great way for me to connect with my friends after I moved to start my career and it became a way for me to write creatively despite my day job of writing professionally for clients almost daily.

So today. After 200 posts, I wanted to take a moment to say thank you. I’ve been saying that a lot over here on the blog but it’s all been merited. I’ve hit highs I never expected, I’ve gotten some very insightful comments and I’ve even been challenged and I do love to be challenged.

Thank you all for being here as I make this blog into something truly spectacular.

In the meantime, a little while ago: I ran an AMA. I would love to take this time to answer a few more questions. If you ever want to discover more about me, my writing process or anything else: now’s a great time!

Once, again. Thank you. Thank you as I finish up 200 posts and I hope the rest of the content is worthy of the audience I have been so fortunate to build.



621.4 Miles Later

I downloaded Pokemon Go because it was popular and I sold my soul to Pokemon many years ago with Pokemon Ruby. I added the app to my phone because I was sold on a trailer that promised me Pikachu in my apartment. The early parts of the game were…buggy. And I admit, I stopped playing for a while. But then, after being laid off, the game became a way to reconnect with friends and gave me tangible goals that helps me deal with some of the darkest moments of the depression that followed my unemployed stint.

I’ve given this game plenty of time, none of my reason money (as of now) and it’s caused conversations, arguments and rivalries both friendly and less than. I’ve taken the long way around to find a Pokemon not in my Dex yet. I’ve ducked out of places early or late to find something new and I’ll stop to take over a gym or to get more items.

So as I get my “Jogger” badge: which is claiming over 1000 km, I wanted to talk about Pokemon GO and being committed to a game.


Let’s go over a few basics first:


Favorite Pokemon: In the current gens available for the game probably Eevee.

Most Worthwhile Catch: Girafarig probably.

Favorite Event: Halloween Ghost Event!

Favorite Starter: In the current gens available is probably Squirtle.

Pokemon That You Want the Most: I want another Lapras.



But my feelings around the game have not been all positive. I struggle with how disconnected I feel from the rest of the world. I admit I think it’s rude when people play in front of others and I feel rude when I play in front of others. I don’t like the divisions people created by the team designations. I dislike how I’m now sort of tied to the game and hit a bit of a pay wall. I’m now an advanced enough level that getting items and things is actually sort of hard without putting money into a game I didn’t initially pay for and there is a lot of opinion in the gaming world about paying for free games.

But a year and a half on and 622-ish miles, I’m still playing Pokemon Go. Despite flaws, arguments and catcalling and turf battles: I’m still playing and still racking up steps, gym battles and eggs.

Here’s to many more gym takeovers and more raids. Here’s to questionable night time catches and going out of your way to hit a PokeStop.


Catch on, my friends.