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A Letter to Idea Channel

Hello, Mr. Mike Rugnetta.

We’ve spoken on Twitter before. I’m a big fan, really. I’ve used countless PBS Idea Channel videos in blogs before. I’ve shared them with friends. I’ve commented on them in my panels. I have had real life discussions and talks about your videos and the theories posited by them.

I heard about you winding down and ending the channel.

I had lots of feelings about this.

I do agree that at times, the channel wasn’t always best. I’ve lovingly called it PBS Semantics Channel like everyone else. I have considered that you may be overthinking rather simple things. I may flat out disagree with a thesis you pose. But I’ve always appreciated the theories, discussion and you, the host.

I wanted to get my feelings out. I wanted to write this little letter to you. I want you to know that even though I am emotional over the end of an era and the loss of one more much needed voice in the muck and mire of the Internet: I’m mostly just grateful.

I’m thankful for the discussion. I’m thankful for the memories. I’m thankful for the videos.

Wherever the Internet may take you, I hope it’s a bright shiny place full of delicious content.

Thank you for the Discourse.

Yours truly,


Thank You

2015 has been an incredibly eventful year for me. I changed jobs. Changed relationship status a few times. Tried new things. Visited new places. Experienced new things and made new friends. I shed some emotional baggage and I changed a little or a lot as some would say. But that’s not why I’m here.

I’m here to say thank you

I’m here to say thank you to all the readers that made 2015 my  best blog  year so far.

Thank you to all the supportive people. New readers. Old readers. Friends. Thank you. Thank you to my readers across the world and the nation.

I look forward to creating more of the content you all have come to expect from me and to keep you all posted with the changes in my life.  So thank you for reading. Thank you for supporting my words.

Thank you for being awesome.